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Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. DJO France S. English Directions for use Programs and specific applications Table with placements of electrodes and stimulation positions.

Italiano Istruzioni per luso Programmi e applicazioni specifiche Tabella di posizionamento degli elettrodi e posizioni del corpo. Franais Mode demploi Programmes et applications spcifiques Tableau de placements des lectrodes et positions du corps. Deutsch Gebrauchsanweisung Programme und spezifische Anwendungen Tabelle zur Elektrodenplatzierung und Krperposition fr die Stimulation. Nederlands Gebruiksaanwijzing Programmas en specifieke toepassingen Tabel voor de plaatsing van de elektroden en de stimulatieposities.

Espaol Modo de empleo Programas y aplicaciones especficas Tabla de colocacin de los electrodos y de posicin del cuerpo para la estimulacin. Counter-indications 2. Safety measures II. Reception of equipment and accessories 2. Presentation of the device 3. Guarantee 4. Maintenance 5. Storage and transportation conditions 6. Use conditions 7.

Elimination 8. Standards 9. Patent Normalised symbols Technical information. Connections 11 2. Preliminary settings: language, light intensity and sound volume 11 3. Selecting a program category 12 4. Selecting a program 12 5. Personalising a program 13 6. During the stimulation session 14 7. Electricity consumption and recharging 15 8. Problems and solutions Placement of electrodes 2.

Stimulation position 3. Setting the stimulation energy level 4. Progression in the levels. Precautions when using the Compex After trauma or a recent operation less than 6 months Muscular atrophy Persistent pains Need for muscular rehabilitation. Osteosynthesis equipment The presence of osteosynthesis equipment metallic equipment in contact with the bone: pins, screws, plates, prostheses, etc. The electrical current of the Compex is specially designed to have no harmful effect with regard dolore nella parte bassa della schiena e losso sacro allinizio della gravidanza osteosynthesis equipment.

I n all of the above cases, you are advised to: never use the Compex for prolonged periods without medical advice; consult your doctor if you are in dolore nella parte bassa della schiena e losso sacro allinizio della gravidanza doubt whatsoever; read this manual carefully, in particular chapter VI, which provides information concerning the effects and indications of each stimulation program. Never carry out an initial stimulation session on a person who is standing. The first five minutes of stimulation must always be performed on a person who is sitting or lying down.

In rare instances, very highly strung people may have a vagal reaction. This is of psychological origin and is connected with a fear of the muscle stimulation as well as surprise dolore nella parte bassa della schiena e losso sacro allinizio della gravidanza seeing one of their muscles contract without having intentionally contracted it themselves.

This vagal reaction produces a feeling of weakness with a fainting tendency, slowing down of the heartrate and a reduction in arterial blood pressure. If this does occur, all that is required is to stop the stimulation and lie down with the legs raised for the time it takes for the feeling of weakness to disappear 5 to 10 minutes.

Never allow movement resulting from muscular contraction during a stimulation session. You should always stimulate isometrically; this means that the extremities of the limb in which a muscle is being stimulated must be firmly fixed, so as to prevent the movement that results from contraction. Do not use the device at less than 1. If you are in any doubt about using the Compex in close proximity to any. Only use the electrode cables supplied by Compex.

Do not disconnect the stimulator electrode cables during the session without first switching off the stimulator. Never connect stimulation cables to an external electric power supply because of risk of electric shock.

No not use rechargeable batteries other than the one supplied by Compex. Never recharge the stimulator when cables and electrodes are still connected onto the user. Dolore nella parte bassa della schiena e losso sacro allinizio della gravidanza recharge the batteries with another charger than the one supplied with the Compex. Never use the Compex or the charger if it is damaged case, cables, etc. There is a risk of electric discharge. Disconnect immediately the charger if the Compex bleeps continuously, in case of abnormal heating or smell, or if smoke comes from the charger or the Compex.

Do not recharge the batteries in a confined area case, etc. Keep the Compex and its accessories out of the reach of children. Do not allow any foreign items soil, water, metal, etc.

Sudden temperature variations can create droplets in the device due to condensation. Use the device only once it reached ambient temperature. Do not use dolore nella parte bassa della schiena e losso sacro allinizio della gravidanza Compex while driving or operating machinery.

Do not use the stimulator in the mountains at an altitude higher than 3. Where you should never apply electrodes To the head. Counter-laterally: Do not use the. To or in the vicinity of skin lesions of any kind wounds, inflammations, burns, irritations, eczema, etc.

Other electrodes may have electrical properties that are unsuitable for the Compex stimulator. Do not remove or move the electrodes during a stimulation session without first switching off the instrument. Do not plunge the electrodes into water. Do not apply a solvent of any kind to the electrodes. Before applying the electrodes, it is recommended to wash and degrease the skin, and then dry it.

Apply the whole surface of the electrodes to the skin. For very important reasons of hygiene, each user must have his own electrode dolore nella parte bassa della schiena e losso sacro allinizio della gravidanza.

Do not use the same electrodes on different people. Do not use a set of electrodes for more than fifteen sessions, as the quality of the contact between the electrode and the skin, which is important for the comfort and effectiveness of stimulation, progressively degrades.

In certain people with very sensitive skin, redness may be observed under the electrodes after a. Generally, this redness is completely harmless and disappears after 10 to 20 minutes. However, avoid starting a stimulation session on the same area until the redness is no longer evident.

The stimulator A battery charger One set of electrode cables with colour indicators blue, green, yellow, red Bags containing the electrodes small 5 x 5 cm and large 5 x 10 cm electrodes A user and applications manual A poster with the pictures for the placements of electrodes and the stimulation positions A belt clip.

The user must not attempt any repairs to the device or any of its accessories. Never dismantle the Compex or the charger containing high-voltage parts because of risk of electric discharge. Compex Mdical SA declines all responsibility for damages and consequences resulting from any attempt to open, modify or repair the device or any of its components by a person or a service centre not officially approved by Compex Mdical SA.

Compex stimulators do not require calibration or verification of performance parameters. The characteristics are systematically verified and validated for each device manufactured.

These characteristics are stable and do not vary when used under normal conditions. If your device seems to not function as expected, regardless of the situation, contact an official Compex service centre for assistance. Medical and health professionals must refer to local legislation for information related to maintenance.

Normally, these laws require verification of certain criteria at regular intervals. Atmospheric pressure: from hPa to hPa Do not use in an explosion risk area. T he pictogram wheeled bin barred means that the equipment can not be thrown with the household refuse, but that it makes the object of a selective collection. T he equipment has to be given to a suitable collection point for the treatment.

B y this way, you contribute to the safeguarding of the natural resources and the human health protection. Batteries must be disposed of in accordance with your countrys national laws governing the disposal of such items. Standards 5. Storage and transportation conditions T he Compex contains rechargeable batteries and so the storage and transportation conditions must not exceed the following figures:.

Storage and transportation temperature: from C to 45 Max. Compex is based directly on medical technology. The device is in conformity with the standard for general safety rules for electromedical devices Dolore nella parte bassa della schiena e losso sacro allinizio della gravidanzathe standard for electromagnetic compatibility IEC and the standard for special safety rules for. Normalised symbols I mportant: Under some conditions, the effective figure for the stimulation pulses can exceed 10 mA and 10 V.