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Enjoy your vacation and travel with conidence. You have a friend by your side. Many vowels and consonants in Italian are pronounced as they would be in English. There are some exceptions, however, which are given below. During your stay you may want to plan some excursions into the country or to other Italian cities. Visitors to Italy can move around the country by airplane, train, bus, boat, and car see Driving a Car. For air travel within Italy, look for signs to the domestic terminal sometimes separate from the international terminal.

Fares vary by season, airline, and holiday time. Some multinational corporations take jet lag so seriously they do not allow employees to make business decisions on the irst day abroad. Most experts agree on several techniques: avoid alcohol but drink plenty of other luids while lying to avoid dehydration; take frequent strolls around the plane to keep your blood circulating; if possible, get some rest on the light; ear migliore unguento analgesico allosteocondrosi, an eye mask, and an inlatable neck collar make sleep easier; if you arrive early in the morning, take an after-lunch nap, get up for some exercise and dinner, then go to bed at the regular new time; if you arrive at your destination in the afternoon or later, skip the nap and let yourself sleep late the next morning; in countries where massage or saunas are standard hotel service, indulge yourself on the evening of your arrival to help you sleep soundly that night.

Qual è il migliore unguento analgesico allosteocondrosi del biglietto? Sono inclusi i pasti? Now travelers must either rely on scarce travel agents who sometimes seem to be overwhelmed by the ever-changing market or do the homework themselves and navigate hundreds of sites offering comparative options.

Read the fine print in ads and ask questions when making reservations. Often, discount fare tickets cannot be exchanged for cash or another ticket if travel plans must be changed.

It is a sad fact that airlines become more miserly with each passing year. Unless you are one of the blessed ones who can afford to buy irst-class tickets, you should shop around and see which company will feed you for free and not charge you extra for your second suitcase. Also, most airlines nowadays migliore unguento analgesico allosteocondrosi lose your luggage and do little or nothing about compensation.

Keep all your valuables in your hand luggage! Skip Swiss army knives or any objects that could be considered a weapon by airport security guards. All containers must be travel-size, i. For booking reservations on trains in Italy, use an e-ticket or an electronic ticket. This is available only on trains within Italy. You will receive an e-mail conirmation upon completing an e-ticket booking.

Departure time: From Roma Termini a. Fax: 06 07 e-mail: direzione. The Trenitalia lines cover the entire country, whereas Ferrovie Nord runs in the northern regions. They are elegant and have comfortable seats with plenty of leg room. Check www. The following list describes the varieties of Italian trains.

R Rapido High-speed luxury train between major cities supplementary fare required. E Espresso Express train, for long routes within Italy. DD Direttissimo Fast train, stopping only at main stations between large cities. R Regionale Regional train better known as diretto. I Locale Local train, making all stops also called accelerato. IR Interregionale Train used between two or three regions.

They stop in big cities only Rome, Florence, Milan. Advance reservations are required. Booking in advance is advisable if you want to ind a seat. First-class cars are air- conditioned. Reservations are advisable. It is as fast as Migliore unguento analgesico allosteocondrosi but as expensive as Intercity.

Refunds for unused train tickets can be received within a year from the date of purchase. Rates are subject to change without notice and refunds for tickets purchased in Europe cannot be obtained in the United States. Important symbols: R Reservation required. Reservation optional with charge R if you want to reserve a seat. R Reservation required without charge for passengers traveling in irst class; reservation optional with charge for passengers traveling in second class.

Handicap symbol Train with facilities for disabled. Green and Silver cards can be purchased at station ticket desks or from authorized travel agencies. Cards are valid for one year. Savings depend on the time of year and day of week of travel. Call — Call For help contact Numero Verde Telecomitalia at Special saver prices for two or more traveling together. They give more lexibility, cover more trips, and save time at ticket ofices. But make advanced reservations to avoid standing in a fully booked train.

They vary depending on the age of the traveler, the number of countries to be visited, and the total number of people on the trip. Passport and identiication migliore unguento analgesico allosteocondrosi are mandatory and required when migliore unguento analgesico allosteocondrosi on overnight trains and must be shown to the train conductor upon request. Il treno è in ritardo? È occupato questo posto? You may choose among a migliore unguento analgesico allosteocondrosi of tours, such as migliore unguento analgesico allosteocondrosi tours, partially escorted tours, private tours, cross-regional tours, gastronomic and art tours, and cruise extension tours.

Once you start doing the research, you will discover a world of possibilities for different budgets. Look into. Look out! Be on time and keep to the tour schedule. They may be optional! There are car ferries to Sicily and Sardinia. Genoa, Naples, and Palermo are the most common ports. Call — or — Quando sbarcheremo? Some can take you to Italy right from the United States! Nonetheless, always call ahead to check for accessibility to places of worship, monuments, gardens, and public ofices.

Google travelers with special needs in Italy. Do you have Ci sono servizi per disabili? Sono diabetico. Sono vegetariano migliore unguento analgesico allosteocondrosi. In the event of dificulties, the following information will be useful. Generally, all items for personal use enter the country duty-free. Queste sono le mie valigie. Sono regali. You can usually wheel your bags right through customs out to the street. Where can I ind a Dove posso trovare un carrello baggage cart?

Ho bisogno di un portabagagli. Questo è per lei. Then it pays to do your homework. Look for hotels or bed-and-breakfast places that include a morning meal in the price of a room. Migliore unguento analgesico allosteocondrosi the breakfast is hearty enough to allow a light lunch. Migliore unguento analgesico allosteocondrosi nutrition bars from home in your tote bag for snacking when only expensive airport or restaurant food is available.