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Thread starter ChickenLittle Start date Oct 14, Status Not open for further replies. ChickenLittle new member. I have a contact nickel allergy. Everything I have read seems to indicate that contact nickel allergy rarely causes problems with knee implants.

Statistics show less than 0. This allergy is rarely addressed. My ginocchio Joint Forum has only seen 1 person ginocchio Joint Forum 12 years that had any problems and he couldn't be sure it was knee related. He said he I didn't have a snowballs chance in "you know where" of having problems. There seem to be only 1 ceramic knee prothesis and it doesn't have a good track record.

I need your thouhts and experiecens. Cindy Johnson new member. Joined Jan 11, Messages ginocchio Joint Forum.

My husband had a total knee replacement Decemberin October they had to replace the shim what we call the hockey puck since his tendons and muschles stretched out. His knee was totally poping out ginocchio Joint Forum joint.

He has had nothing but problems since the initial sugery and worse since the Oct. Now the dr. Evidentally they can't test for allergic reaction because the amount of nickle in the prothesis is so minute it ginocchio Joint Forum show up in allergy tests.

Now they want to do another surgery and go with a ceramic ginocchio Joint Forum. I am trying to find more information on them. Good Luck L. Thomas said:. I had TKA on Dec Zimmer has just released a ginocchio Joint Forum "nickel free implant". I understand it is coated with some kind of zirconium titantium coating.

I just so hope that I don't have any of those "not rare but unusual complications". I seems to always be the 1 in a 1, I do know that the Zimmer Nickel free joint has only been ginocchio Joint Forum since Dec I don't ginocchio Joint Forum if you are registered on Knee Guru forum but I have found tons of information and the forum is very active.

JeanneV new member. Joined May 21, Messages 1. I had a TKR in August of Since then I have been in constant pain, swelling, living on pain meds. It has finally been discovered that I am not only allergic to nickle but I am also allergic to bone cement methacrylates.

They are now trying to research what type of component probable the Oxzinium. Problem is how to attach it. They don't make the Oxzinium for revisions without cement. Has anyone else been down this road. How has your allergy and surgery gone for you? Joined May 27, Messages I feel for you - for various technical reasons, revisions HAVE to be done with cement so you have Hobson's choice on the matter.

I know just before I retired last year there was much research and discussion about the issue. Ceramics and ginocchio Joint Forum joints just don't go together, I'm afraid - well not yet, anyway. BoneSmart 1 Best Blog. Staff online. Latest posts. Knee Replacement Pre-Op Area. Knee Replacement Recovery Area.

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